Optima Technologies - About us

Optima Technologies is a team of professional engineers and developers engaged in creating products for the global electronics market at the request of the customers.

Optima Technologies offers its customers comprehensive solutions of various levels of complexity.
We also provide services for electronics design for different markets - telecommunications, media and entertainment, security, automation, measuring equipment, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, etc.

Are you looking for a reliable partner in product development or looking for a specific solution?

We are ready to support you at any project stage. We can perform tasks related to the development and manufacturing of electronics (creation of an enclosure design and structure, development of software for finished hardware platforms, etc.), or undertake to perform all tasks in the development of an electronic product.

Today Optima Technologies is a successful company in the electronics and IT market. We are a participant of partner programs by the world's leading manufacturers of electronic components, such as Texas Instruments, Windows Embedded, Atmel, Murata, Infineon.

Our advantages:

-› A professional team of developers
-› Well-functioning and transparent internal processes
-› Information is provided to the customer at each stage
-› Reliable partners and suppliers (distributors and contract manufacturers)
-› Flexible cooperation programs
-› Guaranteed efficient use of your time and funds
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