Analog design team core competence

  • World-class design expertise in analog, RF and mixed-signal design
  • Support of complete custom design cycle – design and optimize schematics and layouts for high speed, ultra-low power, low noise and precise applications
  • Deep knowledge of semiconductor device physics, radio- and microelectronics and technology
  • Excellent knowledge of EDA tools intended for IC design
  • Deep understanding of device models and their simulation
  • Chip periphery design: bonding pads, ESD protection network, power supply network
  • Proven ability to provide the most effective, reliable and innovative technical solutions in actual conditions
  • Testing  and measurements
  • Technologies: CMOS, RF CMOS, SOI CMOS, bipolar, BiCMOS (SiGe) – 0,7um - 40nm

Mixed-signal design

  • High-speed pipelined  ADC
  • High-speed and low-power SAR ADC
  • High-speed DAC
  • Low-speed monotonic DAC
  • RF design

  • Frequency synthesizers up to 4.5 GHz
  • Low power RF transceivers up to 2.5GHz
  • RF subblocks for various RF ICs - LNAs, VCOs, AGC, VGAs, harmonic rejection mixers, RSSI, RF power amplifiers, RF detectors, modulators, crystal oscillators, filters, ADCs, DACs, bandgap references
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